3 SIMPLE Rules For Superior Fitness

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Do You Follow These 3 SIMPLE Rules For Superior Fitness? If you've been around the fitness scene for a while (or you're just starting to "Get in shape") then I'm sure you've found a truckload of information.

You're suffering from information overload and to make matters worse a lot of what you're hearing is conflicting information.
You're probably wondering where to start (if you're a beginner)... or... where to go next (if you've been around for a while).

It's time to step back and take a look at the BROAD picture. It's time to keep it simple.

Your Complete Guide To Getting Fit (And Staying That Way) By Keeping It SIMPLE!

This is your "structure" or "model" you can put any new fitness information you learn in to. In its most simplistic form, you need three things for fitness:

So the question then becomes, "How can you maximize each of these areas to become a more "Fit" person?" Glad you asked because that's what the rest of this article is about!

How To Develop Strength

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Training Like An Olympic athlete will give you strength, muscle and fat loss gains faster. You develop strength through resistance training. Resistance doesn't have to mean "weight lifting"--it can be any form of resistance. Your body doesn't know what you're using to provide resistance, it just knows "there is resistance"--so the "tool" you use for resistance doesn't matter. Here are the most popular "tools":

There are many training methods to use these tools to get strong. But in order to build strength your sessions should focus on these things:

  1. 1 Push Movement: Bench Press, Overhead Press, Military Press, Side Press, Clean & Press, pushups, one-arm pushups, etc...
  2. 1 Pull Movement: Pullup/Chinup, Bent Over Row, Upright Row, Renegade Rows, Deadlift, etc...
  3. 1 Squat Movement: Squats, Front Squats, Overhead Squat, Pistols, Deadlift, etc...
  4. 1 Hip/Hamstring Dominant or Explosive Movement: Power Cleans, Kettlebell Swings, Snatches, clean & presses, jerks, explosive jumping, plyometrics, straight leg deadlifts, etc

As you can see some exercises fulfill two roles like deadlifts (squat and pull) and clean and presses (explosive and push). Which further reduces the amount of exercises you need, making building strength even simpler. So for each workout you would just pick 1 of each type of exercise (1 push, 1 pull, 1 squat, 1 explosive), mix them up for variety and keep them within the prescribed reps, sets and frequency.

That's about all there is to building strength!

How To Develop Your "Cardio"

A bit of quiet time. Photo by Abraaj.
There are two types of "cardiovascular" systems - aerobic and anaerobic - you'll need to develop both to get all around "Fitness". Luckily, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) will do this for you! Plus, scientific studies prove you can burn up to nine times more fat with this method of training (as opposed to just slow, steady-state aerobic training by itself). Here's how to do it in the simplest form possible.

Pick an exercise for cardio: bicycling, running, high jumps, and skipping rope are all favorites of mine. You then do intervals of "work" which focus on intense effort and "rest" intervals which focus on recovery.

Your session can last as little as 4 minutes to as much as 20 minutes depending on intensity. Here's a couple quick examples:

Do a 2-5 minutes of your chosen exercise lightly to warm up before the intervals and afterwards to cool down.

You will do this routine 2-3 times per week on days that you're not strength training. Or if you only want to work out 3 times per week (strength and cardio included) you can reduce the intensity of your interval training and do it after your strength sessions.
As a bonus, strength training combined with HIIT both help to create an optimal hormonal environment in your body... increasing testosterone, Growth hormone, IGF-1.... And reducing estrogen.

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How To Have Good Nutrition

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Nutrition will support your strength (and muscle building if that is your goal) and your fat loss gains. Nutrition comes down to three basic things:

Think of nutrition in terms of a lifestyle instead of a "diet" and you will have long-term success. Your feeding frequency is totally up to you.

You can eat anywhere from 1 meal per day (Intermittent Fasting) to 6 meals per day (The "six small meals" advice). More important is that you follow the three guidelines above, and you can adjust your meal frequency to find out what works for you.

Also, perfection is not a good standard. Aim for 80-90% of perfection which means if you can eat the way you want (the way that's going to support your fitness goals) 80-90% of the time then you're doing fine. It's ok to have fun, drink, eat fast food, or whatever your vice is once in a while just keep it to no more than 20% (max!) of the time and you'll be fine.

What about supplements? I believe in supplements because our food sources simply aren't as nutritional and good for you as they once were. A good multi-vitamin, fish oil and protein are almost necessities as far as supplements go. For optimum performance supplements like creatine can help... but... supplements are worthless if you're not following the guidelines above. Focus on them first, and then think about supplements.

How To Use These Simple Rules To Get and Stay Fit For Life:

Fitness doesn't have to be hard as they tell you. So how would I put this all together. Here's a typical week for me:

Note: I like going to the gym every day, you could reduce this to just three days a week, but because I work from home, it's a nice break every day to go to the gym and "get out of my head" for a little while. I also might have a morning or two of yoga a week if I make it.

Start Your Simple Fitness Steps Today!

If you're putting off "getting in shape" because you don't know where to start... the time will never be "perfect"... just jump in right now and use this article as your guide. Don't put it off any longer.
If you're struggling to make more gains... maybe you're stuck at a certain level... or you've hit a plateau, use this guide to get back to the basics and keep improving.

I believe no matter what your goals are you can apply my simple "fitness model" to your training and see results not only faster, but for longer too!

Caleb Lee

Caleb Lee is passionate about many forms of strength training, and knows what it takes to build overall fitness and become a superior athlete. You'll find more of his work in the Muscle Building Mastermind ebook, and on DoubleYourGains.com.

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