Recommended Training Tools : Iron Woody Bands

Band resisted chin-up
One of the many great band exercises - Band Resisted Chin-ups.
Each week on Straight to the Bar a member of the team looks at a product or training tool that's made a big difference in their own routines. Be it a DVD, grip toy or something as simple as the Gymboss; you know it's made a serious impact.

This week, a look at the IronWoody bands which have survived 3 years of regular strength-training abuse. Perfect.

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In April 2005 - after hearing great things about them from Dave Tate - I finally decided it'd be a good idea to test out some bands. A bit of reading pointed me to the IronWoody bands, which were also slightly cheaper than other brands available at the time.

My initial enthusiasm saw me buying a full set of bands at one go. The set includes a pair of each of the #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5 bands - which affords an enormous number of exercises and variations.

This approach (getting them all at once) is highly recommended, as it's both much cheaper and easier this way. Once you start using them, you really won't want to stop.

If you're wondering just what you'd use them for, here are just five of the more common ways to incorporate them in your training :

  1. Rehabilitation
  2. Assistance for difficult exercises
  3. Increasing resistance for part of a lift
  4. Decreasing resistance for part of a lift
  5. Light resistance for warmups and feeder workouts

These bands have held up extremely well over the years; and are now just as elastic as they were when I first used them. No noticeable change at all.

If you're new to the world of band training, I'd urge you to give them a go. Highly recommended.

Scott Andrew Bird

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