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I stumbled upon sled training via an unusual route (bear with me here) . . .

So I was watching a clip from Conan the Barbarian--you know, the montage scene where wimpy-boy Conan developed into buffed-man Conan by pushing a big-arse grinding-wheel around in circles for a few years (that's such a bad-ass scene!).

Anyways, I thought to myself, that'd be a pretty cool way to improve strength in my stand-up grappling (I'm into muay thai). I'd been thinking for a while that the best way to really develop the type of 'push' strength used in stand-up grappling was to do strength exercises, um, well--standing up.

After much searching, I eventually gave up on finding the same kind of training device Conan used--Bummer! But that was when I stumbled upon some sled training online (via Straight to the Bar, actually). And not only could I train the 'pushing' used in the standup grapple, but I could also work on the pulling and rotational strength I needed too--which was WAY better than what I could've achieved with the Conan set-up alone! And thus my love affair with sled dragging began.

Initially me and the dudes I train with started our 'sled' dragging with a tractor tyre and a thick rope and worked up from there. Now we're about to DIY our finest sled yet (courtesy of a snowboard cut in half and the tray of a wheelbarrow)--but that's a story best left for another day.

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So that brings me to the Diesel Crew and their Ultimate Sled Dragging Manual. I've been a fan of the Diesel Crew's approach to conditioning for a while now (I own half a dozen of their titles so far!). They successfully blend solid research-based information with creative and practical real-world routines and exercises that are useful to both fitness newbies and hard-core athletes alike. And their Ultimate Sled Dragging Manual is yet another example of this hard to achieve amalgam of geek and grunt. Think Mr T meets MacGyver and you're pretty close to describing a Diesel Crew book!

They've broken their ebook into two sections--the main book which deals with everything from the benefits of sledding, the movements, loading, training routines, attachments etc. And the 'exercise' section that systematically outlines the actual sled exercises with comprehensive written instructions and pics.

It's easily the most comprehensive manual on the subject I've ever seen. I thought I had the whole sledding thing down--but this book by the Diesel Crew proved otherwise. I now have a shit-tonne of exercises to add to my sled dragging repertoire and also a far greater understanding of how to better integrate sled-dragging into my overall training program--cool!

All athletes--from power-lifters to martial artists--will benefit from reading and implementing the exercises in this book. So buy, download, & start dragging some serious sled!

Kira Robert Clarke

Fight Geek is a self-proclaimed Muay Thai tragic, Anthony Mundine Fan and unabashed Essendon supporter. Find out more over at his online home.

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