Bigger Forearms Anyone?

Works well.

Mighty Joe Musselwhite
Mighty Joe Musselwhite
Thought I would share with you an experiment I've been doing for the last 5 weeks to get larger forearms.
I gained a 1/2" in less than 5 weeks. Here's what you need: Here's what you do:
  1. Load enough weight on the barbell to get at least 20 reps in a standing barbell wrist curl.

    Your palms should face your body and don't wrap your thumb around the bar.

    Now, start doing wrist curls. Use only your wrist and try not to raise your arms as you do reps. The last rep should have the belly of your forearm on fire.

  2. Immediately without rest, grab your Hercules Bar or regular bar loaded with enough weight to again get at least 20 reps and do sitting reverse wrist curls. Again, use only your wrist. If you're having to swing the reps, lower the weight. The last rep should have the top part of your forearm on fire.

    Do 5 sets of 20 reps everyday except weekends. In 4 to 5 weeks you'll gain at least a 1/2" in your forearms, possibly more.

    Rest less than a minute between sets.

    After you've completed 5 sets of each, stand with your arms straight out and open and close your hands as fast as possible for 90 seconds. You're done! Now you're on your way to larger forearms. Promise!

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I experimented with this routine before I shared it with anyone. It works and the chance of injury is slim due to doing your regular wrist curls standing. Standing wrist curls removes the leverage placed on your wrist from sitting wrist curls.

I'm convinced you can't overtrain the forearm muscles. It's the joints in your wrist that get injured from overuse.

This is why I tried the standing version of regular wrist curls to see if it relieved the strain from the wrists.

Guess what? It does. This routine is KILLER!!!

I hope it helps your forearms as it has mine.

Happy Training!!!

Mighty Joe

Mighty Joe Musselwhite

Mighty Joe Musselwhite is a Texan Strongman and Arm-wrestling Champion, with a passion for all forms of hand and forearm training. Find out more over at his training log.

You'll also find him over on Youtube.

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