2008 Boxing Performance Awards

Best performance of the year.

Performance of the year.

Best performance of the year 

  1. Pacquiao
  2. Hopkins
  3. Margarito

Fighter of the year pound for pound

  1. Pacquiao (no one else comes close this year)
  2. Bernard Hopkins
  3. Paul Williams

Fight of the year

Fight of the year

Fight of the year.
  1. Vazquez - Marquez
  2. Cotto - Margarito
  3. Pacquiao - Marquez

Event of the year

  1. Pacquiao - De La Hoya

Upset of the year

  1. Pacquiao - De La Hoya

  2. Hopkins - Pavlik
  3. Prescott - Khan

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Comeback of the year

Comeback of the year
Comeback of the year.
  1. Vitali Klitschko - Returns from a near four years away and shuts out the so called most feared heavyweight in the world.
  2. Vic Darchinian - Beats down Mijares in impressive fashion.
  3. Ricky Hatton (he didn't retire but he rebounded well from a beating by Mayweather )

Round of the year

  1. Holt - Torres

Round one
KO of the year

  1. Casamayor - Katsidis
  2. Holt - Torres
  3. Miranda - Banks
  4. Prescott - Khan

Trainer of the Year

Trainer of the Year

Trainer of the Year.
  1. Freddie Roach - 
No one else comes close this year.

Rob Pilger

Rob Pilger has been involved in boxing as a fighter and now trainer for over 17 years. He currently trains fighters at the Old Skool Fight Sports & Fitness Academy (OSFSFA).

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