Getting a Great Workout at Home

The beauty of training at home.

I love to weight train. But I hate the gym. So, I don't go. Ever. As in "NEVER".

I'm a self-professed fitness junkie and I have managed to achieve some pretty significant muscle gains (& fat losses) working out only in my tiny city apartment with just some basic equipment and utilizing things already in my home as sub-ins for actual equipment.

With a well thought-out but small selection of equipment you can have a well-rounded and complete workout at home, too. Invest in a few fitness bands of differing tensions, a jump rope, and some dumbbells of varying weights and you are all set! And, if you want to get as serious as I am, install a pull up bar too! Its pretty simple to do and is removable any time.

Personally, because I enjoy doing supersets and supercircuits and find constantly making adjustments to be detrimental to a good, hard workout I prefer to use different sizes of dumbbells that don't require adjustments, just grab and start pumping. But, if space is a big issue for you, instead of getting a full set of dumbbells like I have, get yourself a pair of adjustable dumbbells. They take up almost no space and you can adjust them to any weight you want.

Make sure you have something you can use as a flat bench (I use my coffee table because it's sturdy), use a kitchen chair and find or create a ledge and GO FOR IT!!!

You CAN feel the burn at home. Trust me. Just check out the photos.

*please note the pictures contained herein do not reflect equipment I actually use for working out. Any equipment you see is only for propping purposes set up for these photographs only.

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Jackie Burgmann (Girlwithnoname)

Jackie Burgmann is a Personal Trainer, confirmed fitness junkie, and author of the ebook 'Hot at Home'. Find out more over on her blog, Twitter account and Facebook page.

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