How to Train for Strength

Training for muscle mass, or strength?

Most trainees believe that training for muscle mass is the same as training for strength. This couldn't be farther from the truth. There is some correlation between the two. If you train for strength, you will put on a little bit of muscle mass, and if you train for mass, you're likely to gain some strength. But this only occurs when a "training crossover" takes place. More about this later.

There are four key elements to training for strength:

One of the best methods of boosting strength is the Westside Barbell Method. This method uses three ways of training for strength:

Why the Dynamic Effort helps with Strength Gains

The function of the Dynamic Effort Method is to increase force production and explosive strength, not to develop maximal strength. By lifting as fast as possible with a sub-maximal weight, the athlete learns how to use that power and energy into lifting heavier weights in the future. 
If you've been lifting slowly, then it's time to switch things up and start lifting fast. The following is an 8- week Dynamic Effort-based strength program:

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Why the Repetition Method helps with Strength Gains

The primary function of this method is increase to increase work endurance. If you are unable to exercise for an extended period of time, then you will be unable to put in the time required to make your maximum effort work successful. 
If you lack strength endurance, or if you've been following short, intense workouts then its time to switch things up. Follow this this 8-Week Repetition Method-based strength program:

NOTE: Your first max effort session may take a while, so make sure you have plenty of time.

The Only Real way to Boost Strength

The Maximum Effort Method is really the only way to increase your strength. However, the Dynamic Effort and Repetition Methods train alternative strength qualities which help make your Maximum Effort workouts effective.

Parth Shah

Parth Shah is a Strength Consultant based in New Hyde Park, New York and is currently going through his own personal physique transformation. Find out more at Shah Training.

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