Review : Linebacker Fitness

Recently Vince Palko asked me to take a look at Linebacker Fitness, a program designed to 'get you fit as a middle linebacker'.

The program centres around a greatly underused exercise - jumping rope. If you've ever sampled the delights of skipping, you know just how challenging it can be.

Linebacker Fitness has been designed as a complete package, comprising all you need to begin straight away. This includes everything from a pair of instructional DVDs - demonstrating various jump rope techniques and training - to the rope itself.

In addition to the DVDs (which are comprehensive, and well worth a look) is a detailed manual; outlining several sample exercise plans for the coming weeks. These illustrate various ways to integrate the rope work with your existing resistance training routine.

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Jump Rope Videos

Before you head over to the Linebacker Fitness site, take a look at these examples of the jump rope in action. As you'll see, it certainly gets the blood moving.

Final Thoughts on Linebacker Fitness

Although jumping rope isn't a major part of my own training (I use it as part of the occasional warmup only), it made a great change to use it regularly for a few weeks. It certainly got the heartrate up.

I also like the fact that this is a complete package, including everything needed to dive right in. If you're looking to make a major change to your conditioning work, it's definitely one to check out. Linebacker Fitness.

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