Advanced Circuit Training Techniques

If you've feel you've tapped out the full features of circuit training, think again. Here are some advanced techniques that you can employ in your training:

Alternating Circuits - Set up two or more circuits within a given workout, and alternate between the circuits, just as you would perform a superset. This works great for upper/lower body training. Here is a sample workout:

Circuit One:

Circuit Two:

Perform Circuit One, rest 1-2 minutes, then tackle Circuit Two. Rest 1-2 minutes then go back to Circuit One.

Rest-Pause Circuits - Rest-Pause is when you use extremely heavy weights and perform 2-3 repetitions with short rest periods. I'm not going to ask you to use your 2-3 rep maximum. But use reasonably heavier weights then you use during your normal circuit workout. Here is a sample workout:


Complete all the repetitions (3x3) for each exercise before moving onto the next. Rest 1-2 minutes at the end of each circuit.

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Partial Circuits - Partials are where you perform a movement with less than the full range of motion. During your last circuit, when your body is most exhausted, perform all the movements with partial reps. Here are some examples:

Lets say that you need to perform 5 rounds of a circuit:

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