Strength Training 101 -- Get Strong, Build Muscle, Lose Fat

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Strength training and physical conditioning is one of the most respected and oldest disciplines around.

The approach is simple. Start where you are and gradually increase
your strength. Strength is mainly a SKILL. So like any skill the more
you practice it the better you become. Instead of thinking of your
strength training days as "workouts" think of them as "practices" and you'll make better gains.

Also, strength is mainly a function of your Central Nervous System (CNS). You're basically teaching your central nervous system to contract your muscles harder, in effect "be stronger" to perform at higher and higher levels of strength (as you put them under this pressure through the process of progressive overload). Keep reading to discover more about strength training...

Strength Training - What is it?

Strength training is using exercise and physical conditioning to increase your strength. When it comes to what strength is there are 4 key types:

Why you Should Strength Train.

Strength training will help you in virtually every area of your life. Here's a partial list of the benefits.

Strength Training Methods.

There's different ways to build strength, here's a couple:

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How To Get Started Strength Training.

I recommend first starting with bodyweight exercises and moving on from there to weight training and kettlebell lifting. You need to train your basic movement "patterns" to get strong:

That's it. Stick to these basics and you'll do well. You don't need thousands of isolation exercises like you read in bodybuilding magazines. You just need to stick to the basic movement patterns of your body and train yourself to get stronger doing them. Trust me, you'll be using compound exercises which will hit virtually every muscle in your body.

Bodyweight Strength Training.

Pick one of each type of the exercises and perform one set of as many reps as you can till failure to start. Train 5 days a week and two days off. I recommend Monday-Friday and take the weekends off.

When you can do 100 pushups, 20 pullups, and 100 squats in the same workout you are ready to start lifting weights. You don't have to do these all non-stop, you could break it up like 20 pushups, 20 squats, 5 pullups, etc until you hit those numbers. Once you can do this workout, you'll be ready to lift weights (and you'll already be looking good and feeling healthy).

Weight Training

Weight training is next. Use an olympic barbell and weights. Here's what to do: Pick one of each type of exercise. Train 3x per week, like Monday, Wednesday, Friday for example and take the rest of the days off. Do 3 sets of 5 reps. Focus on good form first.

Here's how you progress: Each weight training session add 5lbs. Do this for 3 sessions in a row, then go back 2 steps. This is called the "3 Steps Forward and Two Steps back" approach to cycling your training. Change up the different types of exercises you do to avoid boredom, but be sure to have one of each type in each training session.

Kettlebell Training:

Kettlebell training is a lot of fun. Pick one of each type of exercise and you can work anywhere from 3-5 days per week. Keep the rep range in the 3-5 and the sets 3-5.

Cycle this in the same manner as your weight training. But you'll probably stay with the same weight kettlebell. So you increase the reps. Start with 1 rep and add a rep every session for 3 sessions, then go back two reps on the fourth. The same "3 steps forward, 2 steps" back manner of cycling.

So there you have it, your quick, complete guide to strength training -- get started today!

Caleb Lee

Caleb Lee is passionate about many forms of strength training, and knows what it takes to build overall fitness and become a superior athlete. You'll find more of his work in the Muscle Building Mastermind ebook, and on

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