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Girlwith Noname
Girlwith Noname.
Goal setting. Its important, when you're trying to work towards something, to make sure you've defined your goal(s) pretty specifically. Otherwise, how will you know when you get there?
One really great way of defining your goals is to write them down. I'm personally a bit more visual and not much for making notes and lists, so I decided to put together a Vision Wall for myself.

When I first started my journey, I knew I wanted to get into 'really good shape' and 'lose some weight' but those aren't really very specific goals. So after giving it some serious thought, I defined my goal to specifically be: I WANT TO SEE MY ABS. Hence, the Vision Wall is comprised mostly of pictures of fitness models and other women with fantastic abs. I didn't feel the need to see their faces, its their abs I'm concentrating on. So, sorry girls!! I'm afraid you have go to headless to be on my Vision Wall!

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My wall is in the middle of my apartment where I, and anyone who visits, can see it all the time. I can never forget my goal as long as those images and sayings stare back at me all day long. And its always fun explaining it out loud to a curious new guest. Talk about a great way to keep your mind on your goals!!

I'm glad I took the time to put my Vision Wall together because I do find it to be inspiring, motivating and it definitely keeps my mind on my specific goal of "seeing my abs"... and you know what? A few months ago, I succeeded!

So, now I have to figure out what my next goal should be! Here we go again!

Jackie Burgmann (Girlwithnoname)

Jackie Burgmann is a Personal Trainer, confirmed fitness junkie, and author of the ebook 'Hot at Home'. Find out more over on her blog, Twitter account and Facebook page.

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