Gym Etiquette : The Ladies' Section

Girlwith Noname
Girlwith Noname.
Hey guys!! When you go to the gym and see ladies in the "big boy" free-weight area, does it frustrate you? Do you feel like maybe we're just in your way at the best of times? Do you wish the ladies would just "go to their own area" to work out?

Let me tell you, guys... if you could see what equipment they give us in the ladies area, you'd understand why we hang out with you instead of heading into our own "special section". The equipment is REALLY lacking for anything really heavy or serious. Our dumbbells are all little and pink and plastic, we have lots of machines for spot reducing our hips and abs (which we all know is not possible, right?). I've never once seen a barbell in the ladies section.

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Keep in mind too, when feeling frustrated during a crowded time of day that we're all there at the gym for the same reason. We want to get fit and strong and look great, just like you do.

Some of us might even be strong and gym-savvy enough to spot for you if you need a spotter at the squat rack or bench press. I personally love to spot because I can feed off your strength and energy and pour it into my own workout. In the ladies area, its usually quiet and the energy just isn't the same. I highly prefer to be around the larger energy of the main free-weights section when I work out.

Besides you guys, final point: its pretty boring in the ladies section, too. You guys are WAY more fun to look at while we work out! So enjoy the attention if you catch one of us admiring you. You worked hard enough to earn it, didn't you?

Jackie Burgmann (Girlwithnoname)

Jackie Burgmann is a Personal Trainer, confirmed fitness junkie, and author of the ebook 'Hot at Home'. Find out more over on her blog, Twitter account and Facebook page.

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