Outdoor Fitness: Log Flippin'

A great way to train.

Log Flip
Great exercise for outdoor training. Image from Log Flippin'.
I used to think that Ren and Stimpy were the only ones crazy enough to like their "Log". Heck, if anyone would have asked me a few years ago what I thought of using a log for getting fit I would have told them they were nuts! But now, I absolutely love them. Why? Because of a few reasons, let me explain.

First and foremost, logs are free. That's right, I said FREE. (Who doesn't want something that's free?!) Logs can be found abundantly in woods and forests and cut to one's own specifications. If the woods or a forest is not an option for some, then scouting for telephone poles new or used is a great alternative. Three of the logs I currently use were all taken from a huge long section of telephone pole that was treated. I stumbled upon it accidentally and it was great find.

Secondly, the workouts that can be done with a log are awesome. Haul it, squat it, carry it, press it, FLIP IT! No matter which exercises are performed they're all tremendous strength builders, hands down.

Thirdly, utilizing an alternative method/object, (i.e. the log) to get fit provides a great opportunity to bring about new mental and physical stimuli, not to mention a lot of fun!

One of my favorite exercises to do with a log is flip it end over end. Somewhat similar to a tire flip, the Log Flip incorporates most of the same muscle groups, (i.e. hamstrings, glutes, lower back, arms, traps, entire core, shoulders) and can be performed in place or over a distance. The weight and size of the log is dependent upon the user. I have three logs that vary in weight; 160lb, 135lb and 100lb respectively with a forth on the way that weighs 250lb+.

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Now some would think flipping 160lb log isn't much weight, after all, tires are being flipped upwards of 330 to 500lbs. But unlike tires that are wider in diameter and whose weight is spread out, the log is a very dense structure; its weight very compact and it has to be pushed more than once in order to flip it over.

Flipped fast, it will develop explosive strength, increase cardio output and stamina.

Both average joes and athletes can benefit enormously from this exercise. A complete workout in itself, I encourage anyone who has yet to try Log Flippin' to do so. There will be no disappointment. For a number examples and videos go to usajunglegym.com or youtube.com/user/USAJungleGym.


Dan Lapic has turned outdoor training into an art form; combining bodyweight training with stone, log, rope and odd-object work. Find out more over on USA Jungle Gym.

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