Dynamic Weight Swinging

One of my first homemade kettlebells and a StrongerGrip Loadable Mace
Yes, I need a haircut.
I love anything that helps make me stronger, healthier, more flexible, efficient and a better person. What? Yeah, that's right, a better person. Anyone who trains and does it with focus and a purpose knows that there are many more benefits than just the physical.
You get to know your limitations, then blast through them. Doing this over and over definitely carries over into our daily lives. Alright, enough of that.

Dynamic Weight Swinging, why it's one of the most beneficial things you can do for improving your performance. Kettlebells, Clubs, Maces; these are not your traditional weightlifting implements, but soon they will be the norm. Here's a little example of how kettlebells and the side effects of using them helped me with the Highland Games.

It was early 2000's. Whenever the last Tactical Strength Challenge was held in Chicago. Great time. I remember it was my wedding anniversary (can't remember what one) but I got Pavel on video wishing my lovely wife a happy anniversary. She wasn't as thrilled as I thought she'd be. It was a great time, I got a close second. This was when the events were weighted pull-ups, weighted pistols and snatch for reps. So the following year I was getting ready to return to Chicago and take first. Well it was cancelled. I heard about the Highland Games competition on the same day.

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At the time, I didn't know what the Highland Games were, so I was going in green. Here's where the carry over from kettlebells comes in. I did fantastic for a first timer, I was also one of the lightest guys competing. I got several firsts, and second place in the events that were totally new to me. As you know by now swinging a weighted implement and controlling it with your whole body will improve your performance in any endeavor you undertake. It strengthens not one muscle but all your muscles as a unit. Swinging clubs and maces loosens and strengthens your shoulders, along with a fantastic core and body awareness workout. Kettlebells, does anyone not know how great these are?

And as an added bonus the Kettlebells, Clubs, and Maces can be taken with you to the park, your work (if they'll let ya) and anywhere you go. They are a blast to use and they will improve your overall performance in life. In the picture is one of my first homemade kettlebells and a StrongerGrip 6" Loadable Mace. And yes, I need a haircut. Now do yourself a favor and get Swinging!

Ryan Pitts

Ryan Pitts is a performing old-time strongman and manufacturer of the world's toughest grip tools. To see exactly how he trains - and to pick up some great gear in the process - swing by the main site (strongergrip.com), his blog and YouTube channel. Superb.

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