Life and Death at the Library

Handstand pushups in the workplace? Yep.

Hooked on Training
Hooked on Training.
One morning at work I found myself dangling upside down from the library's meeting room door, my face turning purple and my arms disintegrating beneath me. I couldn't scream for help--I was there early and alone. And maybe I wouldn't have screamed-- there are things managers shouldn't be seen doing, like a disastrous attempt at a handstand pushup. Very few people can do a handstand pushup right away, but almost anyone can work up to them. Progressions typically involve doing a handstand against a wall multiple times a day, holding for time, and doing partial reps until you're finally strong enough to do one.

Most of my sessions would be at work and I'd use the meeting room for privacy.

So that first morning I kicked up against the metal double doors, held, did some inch-deep presses, and lowered under control...except I didn't move. I couldn't get back to the ground. I'd worn my Doc Marten boots that day and that stupid loop on my boots caught the upper hinge of the door.

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Trapped! Gravity took over. My arms were noodles, and worse, people would soon be arriving to find their manager in a most compromising position. There was one chance-- I curled all the way up and held that mega-crunch long enough to untie the laces. Ears ringing and with the wind knocked out of me, I awoke on the floor to the tune of my staff arriving for work. The boot was still on the hinge. But I'd escaped and nobody would know. (And then I told them all. It's just too good of a story).

Josh Hanagarne

Josh Hanagarne has an undeniable obsession passion for grip training. When not re-adjusting his bun and telling people to shush, you'll find him over at World's Strongest Librarian. And, of course, on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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