Review : The Rotater

Brilliant thing.

The Rotater is a brilliant thing.

Following years of shoulder abuse and injury (particularly whilst experimenting during training for the OAC), I was more than a little keen to try out The Rotater. And I have to say, it easily exceeded expectations.

Rather than relive my own shoulder-training trials however, here are a couple of thoughts from my father, who has been using The Rotater for a few days now. As you'll see, it really is an incredible piece of equipment.

When Scott asked me to test the Rotater my response was keen but somewhat apprehensive. Following years of bodily abuse in various sporting activities (several breaks, dislocations & tears) I am now, at age 67, suffering early stages of arthritis. One area of concern is my shoulders - not so much because of pain and stiffness but the limitations this places on my ability to exercise on a regular basis.

When I first used The Rotater for a few minutes my feelings were confused. How could such a simple device create the feeling of freedom I was now experiencing? Having now used The Rotater for several days I have come to the following conclusions :

  1. After a few minutes of stretching with The Rotater I can now comfortably exercise my shoulders using my home gym & appropriate free weights.
  2. Until recent years I have done twists on a daily basis using a broomstick across my shoulders. This had become impossible as holding the stick behind my neck was too painful. After a suitable warm up I can now once again twist for as long as I choose.

The results of my test of the Rotater are surprising, amazing, & in my case stimulating.

A look at The Rotater in action

Here's a brief look at The Rotater in action. As you can see, it's an incredibly simple device; yet you can feel a difference almost immediately. If years of squatting have robbed you of a bit of shoulder mobility, you'll be amazed at just how great this feels.

Final Thought on The Rotater

If you've ever experienced shoulder pain, you'll understand just how frustrating it can be. Apart from the pain itself, it's perhaps the fact that it prevents you from doing your normal exercise routine that's the biggest source of aggravation.

In my case - and in my dad's - The Rotater ended that frustration. An incredible feeling.

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