Twitterchat 15 : Pinch Grip Training

In this week's twitterchat we're discussing the many forms of pinch grip training - the equipment, techniques and competitions.

The twitterchat will be an open forum, moderated by Straight to the Bar's Scott Bird (@scottbird) and Body by Long's Bill Long (@bill_long1); both of whom have been training grip for nearly as long as they can remember.

First up a quick definition. What is a pinch grip?

A pinch grip is where an object is held by the thumb pushing towards the fingers (think of carrying a book or newspaper by your side). As Alfred pointed out, it's the thumb that does a lot of the work.

The width of this grip is broken into narrow and wide pinching. All other things being equal, a wide pinch grip is more difficult for the majority of people.

A few examples of pinch gripping :


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Love your grip work?

Check out StrongerGrip. Fantastic equipment.

Over to you. Leave a comment below, or send us a tweet :

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