Three Technique Corrections for Tearing Your First Deck of Cards

Ready to get tearing?

Hello. My name is Jedd Johnson. I compete in grip strength competitions and enjoy performing feats of strength.
One of the misconceptions about feats of strength is the level of strength needed for these feats.

While it is true that feats of strength do require strength in order to complete them, there is also a great deal of technique that is involved as well.

There are many people out there who have tried tearing cards only to give up thinking they weren't strong enough just because they could not do it the first time they tried it.

Because feats of strength like card tearing are so beneficial for building strength, getting mentally strong, having fun, and being healthier, it is a shame to have people lose interest after failing the first time.

I failed the first time I tried to tear a deck of cards. In fact, it took me many days of trying before I was ever able to finish off a deck. I talk about this in my Card Tearing eBook.

What I want to do today is let everyone know that it does take some time to adapt to the card tearing learning curve, but you can make that learning curve much shorter by employing a few easy technical tweaks. By making these few technique improvements, tearing a deck of cards can be "within your grasp". Sorry for the bad are the technique tweaks.

Tweak #1 - Squeeze tight with the fingers

The number one thing that makes it difficult to tear a deck of cards is the outside cards splitting. Once they split it becomes even harder to tear the deck. To prevent this, squeeze as tight as you can with the fingers over the edge of the cards. This keeps the cards pressed together and formed in one unit. This way the outside cards you are gripping won't end up sliding around, and the split on the side of the deck will break all the way through allowing you to attack the deck's weakness.

Tweak #2 - Squeeze your thumb

Many people fail to realize the importance of the thumb in tearing a deck of cards and barely engage it. The thumb can be used to secure the deck of cards in your hands by pressing hard against the side of the deck. The thumb can also be used to wrap over a fingertip or two to increase your crimp grip power on the outside cards.

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Tweak #3 - Engage the upper body

You don't tear a deck of cards with just your hands and wrists. You tear a deck of cards with your whole upper body. Make sure when you go for a tear that you tighten all the muscles in your core, upper back, chest, shoulders, and arms. The combined firing of all this musculature will create what I call Radiant Tension. Essentially, you are squeezing the deck with the hands and the tension begins to travel from the hands up into the arms and into the body. When you engage the torso musculature first, this creates a complementary effect that will travel down to the hands and make your grip stronger.

These 3 little tweaks will make a huge difference the next time you try to tear a deck of cards. Print this article and take it with you the next time you pick up a deck of cards and try tearing it. Most people do not normally do these things, and they may be just what you need to be tearing your first deck of cards.

There is one more tweak that will make a huge difference in your card tearing. I cover it in my Card Tearing eBook. This is the most important part of Card Tearing Technique that most people have no idea about and once you get my eBook and employ this tweak, you will be tearing entire decks of cards in no time.

This is where you can get my Card Tearing eBook and start tearing decks of cards in no time =>

Remember, while all Feats of Strength are easier if you are stronger, technique is something you can't ignore either, and I will show you multiple techniques you can use to start busting through decks of cards in no time.

All the best in your training and good luck with your card tearing.

Jedd 'Napalm' Johnson

Jedd 'Napalm' Johnson is a name synonymous with grip strength, and he has been training, sharing and competing with these skills for many, many years.

To acquire some serious grip strength yourself, head over to The Grip Authority and check out his superb ebooks and DVDs.

One of our favourites - Fixing Elbow Pain - takes a very thorough look at banishing elbow injuries completely. If you've ever experienced something like Tennis Elbow or Golfer's Elbow, you'll understand just how incredible that is. Fantastic.

Jedd blogs over at The Diesel Crew, and can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Swing by.

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