Specific Method Variations for the Early Phase of a Macrocycle

Karsten Jensen.
Here is an excerpt from my book: The Flexible Periodization Method; covering specific methods to use in the early phases of a macro cycle. Note how the optimal use of combination exercises can give a unique combination of medium-high loads and long duration sets.

MV 1: ? sets x 10-12+10-12+10-12 reps / Tempo: 502 / RI: 60 sec
Start with a 3-4/5 RPE load for 10 reps. Progress on load when 12 reps are completed in all segments in at least one set. Progress on nr sets from week to week.

(RI = Rest Interval, RPE = Rate of Perceived Exertion)

MV 2: ? sets x 8-10+8-10+8-10 reps / Tempo: 502 / RI 60 sec
Start with a 3-4/5 RPE load for 8 reps. Progress on load when 10 reps are completed in all segments in at least one set. Progress on nr sets from week to week.

MV 3: ? sets x 3-5 reps with an unilateral exercise alternating left and right for 4-8 minutes without rest / Tempo 502 / RI: 60 sec if more than one set is used.
Start with a 3-4/5 RPE load for 90 sec constant work. Progress on load, when at 2 min of uninterrupted work can be performed. Increase nr of minutes from week to week.

MV4: 1 set x 100-200 reps / Tempo: m0m0 / RI: na

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Comments on method variations:

Overall recommended rest period activity:

To your success,
Karsten Jensen

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Karsten Jensen

Karsten Jensen is a Strength and Conditioning Coach based in Ontario, Canada. He's also the author of books such as The Flexible Periodization Method, Best Butt on the Beach and The Magnificient 35.

Swing by his blog for regular updates on strength-training, conditioning, and program creation.

You can also find him on Google+, and in discussions such as Gymchat 190 - Olympic Lifting, Gymchat 224 - The Future of Fitness (Roundtable) and Gymchat 240 - Periodization.

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