Do You Believe in the Human Potential?

How fast?

Karsten Jensen.
I am sure you have heard people say things like:

"You can't run below 10.40 in the 100 without drugs."

"Show me an Olympics track and field athlete who is not on drugs and I will show you the one who is last!"

In the powerlifting world, Louie Simmons is known for claiming that steroids are necessary to become "as strong as possible".

It has become a common belief that all high performers in power sports are on drugs. Repeated drug charges of famous athletes in sports like baseball and track and field, and recent movies like "Bigger, Stronger, Faster" only support this contention.

Since I was a young boy I have believed that we, as human beings, possess an unlimited potential.

Emerson said:

Wealth is moral. The only sin is limitation.

Cutting edge researchers like Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden have written books with statements such as:

"Our genes are controlled by our beliefs."

"We are not bound by the laws of biology as we know them today."

I believe that we are about to see a BIG CHANGE in the methods used in strength and conditioning. The best coaches and athletes will start to pull in methods from outside our field and start applying within our field. A common denominator for these methods is that they will embrace the human being as an energy being (this is fact - check your physics book) rather than a collection of bones and flesh.

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It is my goal to participate in finding and developing methods that work WITH the inherent human potential instead of jeopardizing it with biochemical experiments.

I am not against doping because it is illegal or dangerous. I am against doping because I believe that If we look closely enough we are going to find much better ways to train. Some of the best athletes and coaches have found them already.

Karsten Jensen

Karsten Jensen is a Strength and Conditioning Coach based in Ontario, Canada. He's also the author of books such as The Flexible Periodization Method, Best Butt on the Beach and The Magnificient 35.

Swing by his blog for regular updates on strength-training, conditioning, and program creation.

You can also find him on Google+, and in discussions such as Gymchat 190 - Olympic Lifting, Gymchat 224 - The Future of Fitness (Roundtable) and Gymchat 240 - Periodization.

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