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The companies supporting the '7 Years of Straight to the Bar' competition.

Straight to the Bar
Yes, I love the deadlift.
Straight to the Bar will be turning an incredible 7 years old in a couple of weeks (Jan 17th - here's the first post). To everyone who's written, read and commented on the numerous articles, photographs and ideas - thank you all sincerely. It really is appreciated.
I'm also incredibly grateful to the support of our sponsors. These companies are all hand-picked and makers of things I actually use myself, in my training, diet and fitness education. Thank-you to all of them.

Many of them have contributed to the 7 Years of Straight to the Bar contest, donating some incredible equipment, nutritional products and books. Whether you're just beginning your fitness journey, or have been doing this for years, these will help out in no small way. For the contest itself, the full prize list is :

The Rotater (review)

Following years of shoulder abuse and injury, I was more than a little keen to try out The Rotater. And I have to say, it easily exceeded expectations.

Love it.

Follow The Rotater on Twitter : | Facebook

StrongerGrip Loadable Club

I'm a big fan of leverage training in any form, especially things like the Loadable Clubs from StrongerGrip.

Beautiful things.

Follow StrongerGrip on Twitter : | Facebook

NSD Powerball

This is an excellent way to get a little wrist training in - the NSD Powerball.

Love it.

Follow StrongerWrist on Twitter : | Facebook

The Diesel Crew's Nail Bending DVD
If you're new to the world of nail bending, this is the perfect DVD to get. It'll show you the exact techniques you'll need to get started right away. Created by world-class bender Jedd Johnson.

Follow Jedd on Twitter : | Facebook

AtLarge Nutrition's BCAA+

Much, much more than a protein shake.

Beautiful stuff.

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Ever tried interval work with a stopwatch, or by counting out the time? Grab a Gymboss.

The perfect way to time your fat-shedding sessions.

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The Primal Blueprint & The Primal Blueprint Cookbook

If you're ready to take your health seriously and make the most of all your work in the gym, these two books are essential reading.

I can quite honestly say that my life changed (very much for the better) after discovering the work of Mark Sisson. Superb.

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Mini Pinch Plate from Submit Strength
19 pounds of pure grip-training joy.

Love it.

Follow Submit Strength Equipment on Twitter : | Facebook

Straight to the Bar 'Got Yoke?' T-shirt (review)
What's black, comfortable and helps you out in the gym? A Straight to the Bar T-shirt of course.

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As well as several bonus items. More on that over the next week or so - suffice to say that you'll want them. Seriously.

Thanks once again to all of the sponsors listed above - the equipment, nutritional products and books really are appreciated. And as they're all things I use myself, I know that the contest winner will be receiving some top-notch gear. More than $500 worth.

NB : if you're a an equipment/product maker or author and would like to add your name to the list above, send me an email. Look forward to hearing from you.

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