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How motivated we are has a direct bearing on what we can achieve; the bigger the motivation, the better chance we have at achieving what we desire. However there are many factors that can stifle this motivation. As human beings we are creatures of emotion and that can have a big impact on the things we do in everyday life.

External factors play a major part in how we feel and how we react to them will determine whether we are successful in what we are about to do. From a training perspective all manner of things can and will try and stop you doing what you want to do, whether that is a gym session or competing. Your inner voice will try and convince you that doing anything that makes you uncomfortable (training in winter, doing a heavy squat session) is a waste of time and will try anything to stop you.

There are things that can combat that:

We are all affected by many things in our lives, but remember, it is our reaction them that determines how we get past them and stay motivated on our goals.

The only limits are those that we impose on ourselves, so don't impose limits, find your motivation and stick to it.


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You may thinking 'how can self-help books help your motivation?' Well I believe motivation can be honed by learning you can do anything you want in life and don't need to feel held back. Too many people are ignorant of their own minds and are held back by things that, if there were more informed about would realise that they can do anything they want and that is motivation in itself.

Dean Coulson

Dean Coulson is a strength and conditioning Coach as well as an avid martial artist & qualified self protection instructor (British Combat Association). Find out more in books like The Fit Formula, magazines such as Martial Arts Illustrated and The Lean Warrior course. And of course, his own site

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