Part 2: Kettlebell, TRX, & Ultimate Sandbag Exercises for Hurt Shoulders and Pulled Hamstrings

The videos.

Part 1 of this series about using kettlebells, TRX, and ultimate sandbags for recovering from shoulder and hamstring injuries, gave you a general overview of the movements and some of their applications.

In part 2 and the up coming Part 3 I wanted share with the videos demos of all the movements mentioned in part 1, plus 1 bonus video.

Something that I may not have been made clear on before and that is part of the beauty of using these tools; is that they can easily be inserted into your actual program, if you are not in an acute phase of recovery from a hamstring or shoulder injury.

Thus elminating the need to feel like you are solely spending/wasting time do pre-rehab exercise(s), that often just don't get done. Now you can easily insert these 8 movements into any full-body program and not only will you be armor plating your shoulders and hamstrings, you'll be have a time effective workout too.


Exercise #1

Exercise #2

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Exercise #3

Exercise #4

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