GET Brick'd

You get your weight set. We'll get the BrIcKs.

That's right!, get yourself brick'd. Today's workout was nothing short of D&D. Death and Destruction, and it was all about the BRICK. Hell , with the energy level on HIGH, had some one shouted out some shit while Digger and I were tearin' the local park up, why, they would have been pulling the brick out 'der mouth.

You get your weight set. We'll get the BrIcKs. Mad apparatus skillz by Mantis and Digger using their GFA (Gorilla Fitness Arsenal) to zero in on some extreme exercises.
Here's the video :

USAJunglegym. Open the cage door and see what happens.

Phase 1
75yd Single arm carry of the Shield of Faith @ 65lbs. ( 3 Rounds)

75yd Extended-Overhead carry of the Shield fo Faith (2 rounds0

Phase 2
15yd Weighted Hangman's Carry

40yd Weighted Hangman's Carry

75yd Weighted Hangman's Carry

Phase 3
Cinder Block Reverse Throw x3 -runback- throw x3 more ( 3 rounds)

Phase 4
Cinder Block Tossover the swingset x 4block (3 rounds)
-pullups engaged in between-

Phase 5
Jump overs 15 into 10 Jump Ups (outdoor rock) (1 Round)

Phase 6
Multiple Pullup variations on the branch with hang time 1 (round)

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