Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor
22 June 2011

Sent to USAJG from MsSteve8890:

"I have watched every single video you guys have posted. They're all awesome... just straight f$cking FIRE! I am no where near as in shape as some of you guys are, .. these workouts are hard and intense! But more importantly they are basic... they're primitive.. Paleo!! Yes Dinosaur! It's a straight up hunter gather workout. "take this rock and move it 10 times over..Pick up this log an throw it ten times over. It's f$cking fun man! I'm doing this training from here on out!

I have had a gym membership and I'm sick of it. 'Guys come in all the time smelling like a bottle of cologne, walking around with a towel , wiping the sweat off the bench they just worked out on. F-that. Take any of these dudes an have them do some front squats with and oddly shaped bolder. The won't or they can't. It ain't about being "big". Health is all in endurance, agility and stamina. Its about beng a freaking machine; sprinting thru the dense forest as fast as you can, never stopping.

I have been a carpenter for 15 years now and I am 31 now. The things you guys use is just genius. You got me thinking of ideas of my own now. Maybe making some concrete dumbells and a pull up station outta a 4x4 frame. I don't have the luxury of trees in my yard, so i'll have to make a few things. I can't wait to start!

I'm gonna get the word out for you guys. Society is so f$cked up nowadays it will be hard to actually get people to understand what you guys are doing...You're no crazier than the asshole who goes for weekly manicures or tanning every week. Funny how that kinda shit s accepted. Society got it's shit backwards. Hope people see the genuiness and possibilites of what you guys got going on.

I'm seriously amped up! I went in my garage and couldn't believe the shit in there I can use to a workout with. I got full bucket of spackle and some 60lb stones laying around. I'm going primative, I'm gettin' gorilla man! I gotta keep up with you beasts! Hope to meet you guys this summer! Great f%cking job! Keep it going!!"

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Dan Lapic has turned outdoor training into an art form; combining bodyweight training with stone, log, rope and odd-object work. Find out more over on USA Jungle Gym.

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