Mizuno Wave Enigma Running Shoes Review

Feel great.

I've been gone training for a while but I've got a great new pair of shoes for you guys to try out if you're in to running. I got a pair of Mizuno's brand new line of shoes the Wave Enigma.
These shoes are the newest member of Mizuno's neutral collection and are Smooth Ride Engineered with a blown rubber forefoot outsole design for cushioning and flexibility. These just came out July 5th and I have been using them since. I have a gait that makes me land midsole of my foot and I've been running a lot lately at long distances in an attempt to run my first competitive half marathon. I must say I was skeptical of the amount of cushion on this shoe since I have been running in my Nike Free 7.0 and my Vibram 5 finger's. I've never even owned a pair of Mizuno running shoes! But I decided why not try out these state of the art cushioned shoes and run 13+ miles in them and see how I feel.

I eased into them by first running 3 miles the first day in them. Felt a little stiff, but not to bad. Then as the days continued I ran further with 5, 7, 10 miles on them I began to feel them break in nicely after about 2 weeks of running in them. I then picked up the amount of miles I ran in them to 30 and 40 miles a week. I mostly ran on hard ball roads (concrete) but did manage to venture off the beaten path and run some trails in them. My first thought was the amount of cushioning may cause me to roll an ankle on the uneven terrain, but things went just fine and felt great!

The science behind the shoe is that it is for the neutral gait runner and is able to go high mileage without losing support. The Enigmas have a full length Parallel Wave Plate, AP+ and a blown rubber forefoot. The upper part of the shoe wrapping around the foot and ankle area is soft and has breathable mesh to allow your feet to stay dry on those high mileage hot runs! With the flexible rubber and breathable mesh the shoe flexes and moves the way your foot moves. So you don't have to worry about the Wave Enigma causing you to run like you have bricks on your feet!

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What does all that mean to you? It means you can try out these shoes for your self and enjoy the comfort of these state of the art running shoe's with its soft cushioning and breathablity. Not having to worry about beating up your joints and knees from long runs on the pavement! I recommend you try them out if you are in the market for a new pair of shoes. You can check them out at Mizuno and also see there full line of running shoes while your there. If you need help finding the right fit you can use there online Precision fitting system to help get you in the right type of shoe for you. The cost will be $129.99. Below you will find the men's (top) and women's (bottom).

Enigma MEN.jpg

image004.jpgThe price is just right with all the other running shoes on the market and actually cheaper than some! You won't be disappointed in the comfort and flexibility of this shoe.

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