I give a quick review of this AWESOME DVD by 'Napalm' Jedd Johnson. If you're looking to take your gripper training to the next level or you're just beginning, this is the one and only DVD out there you need to CRUSH anything!

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Bill 'Body By Long' Long

Bill Long is the creator of Body by Long blog, a look at Tactical Training and many forms of grip work. Perfect.

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Pinching, squeezing, rolling and stretching.

Choked Gripper Training.

Work on your crush from a variety of depths.

Repping with the CoC #3. Although there are now many grippers on the market, I still like the Captains of Crush (CoC). To take a look at some of these in action, just head over to YouTube. The clip above shows Viper repping with a #3. Not bad at all.
Cadence Based Gripper Training.

Time to get seriously strong.

Pack Light, Train Hard.

How to get your sweat on when you're on the road.

Magnus Samuelsson on Gripper Training. Another great clip from the World's Strongest Arms DVD - Magnus Samuelsson on gripper training. And yes, that's a CoC #4 he's repping with.

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