8 Forgotten Bodybuilding Foods

Tried these lately?


After the 10 best diet foods piece was rather well received, I have decided to go the more unknown route and write about foods that have fallen off the wagon for no good reason. So without further do, in no particular order, 8 foods every athlete should at least consider.

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  1. Bison/buffalo: great source of protein, zinc and creatine. It is leaner then regular beef, which means you have to cook it less, or you'll be eating leather. It also contains more CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), a fatty acid that improves endurance, reduces inflammation and helps with fat loss.
  2. Aramanth and quinoa: spice up your carbs! The world isn't made from rice only. Both of these grains are great sources of fiber and B-vitamins as well. Quinoa flakes make a great breakfast.
  3. Unsweetened cranberry juice. yes, the taste is ...tart but it is the single greatest liver detoxifier you ll find and kick fat loss into gear.
  4. Coconut oil: it is full of MCTs (medium chain triglycerides); a fatty acid the body uses for energy, not fat storage. If you are low-carbing, try it before a workout, it gives great pumps. For those of you on a regular diet, use it with your oatmeal or even cook chicken with it.
  5. Water cress: our diets tend to be too acidic, here is a great alkaline food.
  6. Quark: if you can find it, it's a thicker kind of yoghurt with a much higher protein content. Back in Germany, I used to eat it by the heap!
  7. Heavy cream or half and half: Milk fat is good for you! Yes, there I said it, it helps build cholesterol and testosterone, plus it delivers B-vitamins and high grade protein. Excellent food for hard gainers.
  8. Pineapple and papaya: both contain bromelain and pepsin, two enzymes that help the body digest protein better. Who doesn't want that? Plus, there are the other benefits such as fiber, vitamins and phytonutrients.

There you have it, new ways to eat! If you like this piece, please let me know and check out the book for more.



Maik Wiedenbach

Maik Wiedenbach is an Olympic athlete, personal trainer, and nutritionist. He shares his training wisdom in the 101 Fitness Myths and 30 Secrets for Bigger Arms! ebooks, and the Desk Athlete DVD. Superb.

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