Gymchat 161 - Belts, Wraps & Straps

How do you use them, and do you need to?

Padded Lifting Straps
Altus Athletic Padded Lifting Straps. Photo via Amazon.
Quick reminder : in this week's Gymchat we'll be discussing the various protective/assistive devices available - the Belts, Wraps & Straps - when & how to use them, and what role (if any) they play in your training.

See you there.

When do you need to use a bit of protection/assistance in the form of a lifting or chinning belt, a pair of wraps or straps? How do you use them, and do you need to?

When I bought my first set of bars & plates, it was assumed by the barrel-chested salesman that I'd be wanting the abovementioned assistance devices. Perhaps it was because I sounded keen to experiment; perhaps it was because he was on commission. Either way, I ended up with a few of the standard 'extras'.

This week I'd like to look at when and how to use these items - if they're essentials for everyone who lifts, or if they're only suited to particular types of training. Helping us explore this fascinating topic is none other than Olympic athlete, personal trainer and nutritionist Maik Wiedenbach. Fantastic.

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