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Review of MuscleTech NeuroCore Pre-workout Supplement.

MuscleTech NeuroCore: A Hardcore Pre-workout Supplement
A Hardcore Pre-workout Supplement

"My god, I feel like I can take on the universe right now!"

I was standing in the middle of the gym, water bottle in hand, my shirt drenched in sweat. I had just finished an 80 minute-long upper body workout and was shaking uncontrollably from all the hard work.

If you had asked me then to join you for another workout, I would have said yes.

That's because right before my workout, I took a heaping scoopful of MuscleTech NeuroCore, and that is what made all the difference!

My friends over at eVitamins.com sent me a bottle of this magic powder to use and review; and let me tell you: this pre-workout stimulant is more than just a fancy cup of coffee! In fact, it takes coffee to a whole new level with the addition of beta-alanine to buffer lactic acid, L-citruline to increase nitric oxide, creatine to increase strength, and geranium extract to fire up your nervous system.

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Now, a word of caution about geranium extract:

Geranium extract is sometimes called DMAA, and has a chemical structure similar to amphetamine.

You will test positive for amphetamines if you use DMAA.

For this reason, the World Anti-Doping Agency declared DMAA a banned substance, and I recommend you consult your coach before taking Neurocore if you are a competitive athlete.

Even if you're not a competitive athlete, I still advise caution: DMAA was recently found in the bloodstream of two dead army soldiers, and a hospitalized New Zealand man.

After hearing about these incidences, I researched DMAA, geraniums, and the reported cases, but could find nothing to suggest that DMAA was the cause of these events. Plus, there may have been other chemicals involved. The New Zealand man, for example, ingested pure DMAA powder along with a high dose of caffeine.

If I haven't scared you off yet, and you're a caffeine junkie like me, this powerful stimulant will give you the massive boost in energy, power, and stamina you needed to push through your workouts without fading or loosing momentum.

Do some research and give NeuroCore a try!

Buy NeuroCore Now ==> eVitamins.com

Derek 'D-Rock' Peruo

Derek Peruo, CSCS, is the owner of Renaissance Fitness, an exclusive personal training service based in New York City. He shares his training philosophy via magazines such as Men's Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, and Men's Health. And of course Straight to the Bar.

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