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Review of Vasopro Xtreme Pre-Workout Supplement.

Vasopro, from Mega-Pro
Vasopro, from Mega-Pro

As a self-proclaimed professional caffeine junky, Vasopro Xtreme from Mega-Pro has a lot to live up to.

I expect my pills to work has hard as I do, especially if the label has the word "xtreme" on it. I want to feel like a greek god every time I pop those suckers, and they should make people around me cower in fear and reverence at the shear awesomeness of my workouts.

Unfortunately, I did not experience the shock and awe I was hoping for while using Vasopro. In fact, the results were far too ordinary for me to consider this my preferred pre-workout stimulant.

Wrath of the Titans
Perseus will need more than Vasopro to defeat the gods.
(Source: via Wannawit on Pinterest)

Vasopro is basically a caffeine pill with the addition of acacia rigidula, a shrub that acts like adrenaline and helps burn small amounts of body fat.

The problem with caffeine (any source of caffeine, mind you) is that the more you use it, the less it works. Use caffeine long enough, and you'll need to ingest higher and higher dosages to feel an effect. If the dose gets too high, sleep, blood pressure, heart rate, and a whole slew of other biorhythms are thrown out of whack. Not good.

Each Vasopro pill contains 250mg of caffeine, about the same amount as a medium cup of coffee from Starbucks.

I was taking two pills on a regular basis and, while I felt fantastic the first few days, the feeling was greatly diminished by the end of the first week of use. I tried taking three pills, but became jittery during the workout, so I reduced the dose and was disapointed by the lack of umph only two pills provided.

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If I sound bland about Vasopro, that's because I am. I see no difference between taking Vasopro and drinking a strong cup of coffee.

I guess if you don't like coffee, take Vasopro.

But the story doesn't end there. was gratious enough to include a tiny sample of a different pre-workout stimulant along with my shipment of Vasopro, which was far more amazing, and totally worth mentioning here.

More powerful than Zeus!
HydroxyStim, from MuscleTech, is potent. And by potent, I mean you could sell them to college freshmen during finals week for a nice profit.

HydroxyStim has caffeine, but the effect is different. I didn't get the same vibrating feeling I usually get from drinking large amounts of coffee. Instead, I was filled with a laser-like focus I rarely experience. The effect lasted for hours, and I honestly felt like I could have written a novel with little effort. This was mostly likely due to the huperzine in the formula, which increases acetylcholine, aiding in muscle contraction and brain function.

If you're a caffeine junkie like me, I recommend skipping Vasopro and looking at HydroxyStim instead (like MuscleTech's NeuroCore, be cautious of the geranium extract).

If you're sensitive to caffeine, give Vasopro a try. It's a great product for someone who usually stays away from stimulants, but needs a quick pick-me-up right before a workout.

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