Glycomaize from Optimum Nutrition!

My very starchy review of very fancy corn.

Glycomaize from Optimum Nutrition
Carbohydrates at its finest!

"Oh man, I think the power just went out."

It was the evening of Hurricane Sandy. I was bunkered at my parent's house, hoping our building wouldn't be blown away from all the rain.

"Yep. The power is officially out now. Break out the candles."

ConEd called us several hours earlier to inform us they were shutting down generators in our area to prevent flooding. We should anticipate a short blackout and quick restoration of power.

Turns out, ConEd was late and the generator providing my building (as well as the buildings of several hundred thousand other New Yorkers) literally blew up. Watch this clip if you don't believe me:

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So we were drop-kicked back to the stone age for a full week. No electricity, no internet, and no way to keep our food fresh. We had to get creative with how we stored food, like Grok did back in 10,000 BC.

Unlike Grok, I had an advantage. I was armed with protein powder and waxy maize from Optimum Nutrition!

Waxy maize is a complex starchy carbohydrate based on corn that the body absorbs quickly. This makes it ideal for post-workout shakes, when you need carbohydrates the most.

Optimum Nutrition Glycomaize is unique in that it also contains trehalose, a slow-digesting synthetic sugar molecule.

The waxy maize gets absorbed instantly, for an immediate insulin spike, and the trehalose is absorbed more slowly, for a more sustained insulin response over time.

If you're like me and have low insulin sensitivity, traditional carbohydrate sources like pasta, potatoes and fruit lead to water retention and an increase in fat mass. Waxy maize is a grate alternative for people like us because it minimizes all the unwanted bloating without compromising the much-needed post-workout insulin spike.

To maximize your muscle gain, I recommend consuming waxy maize and a protein power of your choice in a 2:1 ratio (20 grams waxy maize and 10 grams of protein power, for example) either pre-workout or immediately post-workout.

Glycomaize is unflavored, so make sure your protein power tastes the way you want it to.

Try this quick workout shake and let me know what you think.

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