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I'm currently putting together a series on preventing and dealing with injuries (if you're a therapist or trainer who'd like to add your thoughts, please get in touch), and I just received an email that fits in perfectly. If you've ever experienced something similar and would like to make a suggestion or two, just leave a comment below. I've no doubt Josh would be most grateful.
From Josh :
I slipped my S1 disc in my back and pinched my sciatic nerve about a month ago. I did the same thing about 3 years ago, but this time around it is taking a lot longer to heal. I love heavy lifting with natural objects and homemade equipment, but I am nervous to try anything until my back is completely healed. My chiropractor says that the "only" way to strengthen those specific muscles in my back, is to use some fancy machine they have that targets those specific muscles that costs almost $100 per visit. Needless to say, I do not believe him. I would like to ask the straight to the bar community what they would recommend that I start with to get my back healed up so I can continue lifting. By the way, I am only 27, so giving up lifting now is WAY too soon for me.

Over to you. Have you ever experienced anything similar, and is there a particular course of action you'd recommend?

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