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We've noted a number of superb resources in the newsletter this year. Here are a few personal favourites.

We've noted a number of superb resources - books, DVDs, equipment, workshops and sites - in the Strength & Fitness Newsletter this year. Here are a few personal favourites.

Precision Nutrition Fat Loss Crash Course
Precision Nutrition Fat Loss Crash Course.

If one of your goals is to shed a bit of excess fat, but you're not quite sure what to do/where to start, have a look at the Precision Nutrition Fat Loss Crash Course. Absolutely free.

Iron Nation (Kindle Edition)
Iron Nation.

A compilation of training strategies from some of the heaviest players in the Iron Game. This is training the old-fashioned way - heavy weights, good food and plenty of recovery. Beautiful.

101 Fitness Myths
101 Fitness Myths.

Maik's take on the strength-training world is not exactly mainstream; but it's certainly well-supported and highly effective. Good stuff.

Lock it down.
Get Strength Lock-Jaw Collars.

Well made, nice and tough, fast, and they can certainly handle heavy loads. Perfect.

Raising the Bar : The Definitive Guide to Bar Calisthenics
Raising the Bar : The Definitive Guide to Bar Calisthenics.

Advanced bar moves, handstand push-ups and a whole lot more.

The Blank Slate
The Blank Slate.

Love a spot of Rock Climbing? Check this out.

Fixing Elbow Pain
Fixing Elbow Pain.

If you've ever been told you have a condition like Tennis Elbow or Golfer's Elbow, you need this. Brilliant.

DVDs from the Super Human Workshop #2
DVDs from the Super Human Workshop #2.

The second Super Human Workshop was truly incredible, and a look at the many people involved will show you exactly why. To say there was some fantastic information shared is an understatement. Loved it.

StrongerGrip Modular Grip System
The StrongerGrip Modular Grip System.

If you've ever tried any of the StrongerGrip gear (and if you're a grip fan, you absolutely need to give it a run - superb equipment), you'll certainly appreciate this. After being in the works for years, the StrongerGrip Modular Grip System is finally ready for prime time.

To the Last Breath - A Memoir of Going to Extremes
To the Last Breath - A Memoir of Going to Extremes.

As goals go, this one was certainly ambitious :

Physicist Francis Slakey committed himself to climbing the highest peak on every continent and surfing every ocean.

This is a glimpse at that incredible goal, and the various challenges he encountered along the way.

How to Make Atlas Stones
How to Make Atlas Stones.

Suffice to say that if you enjoy a bit of stone work from time-to-time, this DVD should definitely be in your collection.

Supersize Your Strength
Supersize Your Strength.

I love reading books from people who have 'walked the walk', and Andy Bolton's certainly done that. Supersize Your Strength is simply a 16 week training program helping you to replicate that tremendous strength in your own training.


RunTarget is an application for your smartphone that keeps track of where you are, and how fast you are running at any point in time. Well worth checking out.

Techniques for Light Indian Club Swinging (DVD).

Club swinging is fantastic, but where do you start? Right here.

HardStyle Abs.

Want to lift more weight, and get seriously strong abs in the process? Grab this.

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Industrial Strength Grip Vol 2.

If you're looking to get seriously strong hands & forearms, grab a copy of this. Fantastic package.

Zeo Sleep Manager Pro.

I'm a big fan of the restorative powers of sleep - as a recovery method, to aid creativity and a whole lot more. It's all good.

Primal Stress.

If you checked out the Resilience Breathing offering we noted recently, you've already got an idea of what's in store with the complete Primal Stress package. Suffice to say that it's comprehensive.

Primal Move.

If you're interested not only in learning how to move better but also in teaching others those skills, check out Dragon Door's Primal Move Certification Program. Very interesting indeed.

Martial Arts Stance Training
Martial Arts Stance Training.

Paul Zaichik takes a look at a key component of almost every Martial Art or Yoga form; the stances. Not simply 'how to do them', but a detailed examination of the essentials behind performing them flawlessly.

The Precision Nutrition Certification Program
The Precision Nutrition Certification Program.

If you're a fitness professional and love the Precision Nutrition approach, check out their certification offering. To say it's comprehensive is an understatement.

Upgraded Chef - 12 Core Recipes to Supercharge Your Body & Brain
Upgraded Chef - 12 Core Recipes to Supercharge Your Body & Brain.

The 'Bulletproof' approach to nutrition. Fantastic.

Convict Conditioning 5 : The One-Arm Pullup Series
Convict Conditioning 5 : The One-Arm Pullup Series.

As the name implies, this is a progression of exercises designed to take you right up the the incredible one-arm pull-up. And if you've checked out any of the other Convict Conditioning offerings, you know just what to expect.

Ultimate Sandbag
The Ultimate Sandbag.

Time for something a little different? Try sandbag training.

The RKC Book of Strength and Conditioning
The RKC Book of Strength and Conditioning.

A lot of RKC wisdom in a single package.

The Grip Master's Manual
The Grip Master's Manual.

If you're looking for world class grip strength, make sure you've got a copy of this.

Kettlebell Juggling 2
Kettlebell Juggling 2.

If you saw the first edition, you know you're in for a treat. Fantastic collection.

Deadlift Dynamite
Deadlift Dynamite.

Designed by Andy Bolton & Pavel Tsatsouline, this will seriously increase your deadlift.


It's that time of year again : time to set up a magazine subscription or two. Paper or digital downloads; there are plenty to choose from; and this is definitely one of my favourites. Love it.

Primal Blueprint 3 Book Deal.

Whether they're for yourself or intended as gifts, these are certainly a great way to transform someone's diet.

Now it's your turn. What's on your fitness wishlist?

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