Conor's Corner : Hockey Training with Bands - The Band Pushup

More band goodness.

A Quick Introduction :

This is a series of brief weekly videos by Personal Trainer Conor Doherty looking at various aspects of Performance Training for Hockey. For an in-depth discussion of this subject check out Gymchat 194, and of course Star Factory Fitness. Great site.



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Conor Doherty

Conor Doherty is an Educator, Personal trainer, and sports-obsessed fitness-enthusiast. He shares his training wisdom in the Complete Hockey Training System, and at his group training sessions in Ontario, Canada.

Find out more at Star Factory Fitness, Facebook and on Google+.

And, of course, in Gymchat 199 - Stretching & Warming Up & Gymchat 228 - In-Season Training for Hockey. Great conversations.

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