Video for Gymchat 217 - Underground Strength Training (Zach Even-Esh)

If it works, it works.

Thanks again to everyone who watched and sent in questions for the discussion Gymchat 217 - Underground Strength Training [with Josh Hewett, Zach Even-Esh, Adam Farrah and Dylan Poesch] - much appreciated. If you haven't seen it yet (or simply want to go over a particular point again), here's the entire video.

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It was a great discussion. Josh, Zach, Adam and Dylan discussed reduction of injuries, work ethics, strength training & mental toughness, why 'underground', importance of both learning what to do and acting upon it, being a crossfit affiliate, training athletes, avoid using time when training younger athletes - focus on technique, training athletes - modifying workouts, fitness bookshelves, use of couplets and triplets, value of change, training large groups, things to ensure when offering free services, marketing in person vs online, recommending (to your clients) things to do and read, value of choosing exercises which are simple to teach and to learn, scheduling according to client needs, learning from everybody, basic nutrition; and a whole lot more. If you're ready to get seriously strong, make sure you watch this one.

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