The Future of Fitness : Virtual Training Partners

How will we train in the near future?

In Gymchat 224 - The Future of Fitness, the panel discussed my concept of Virtual Training Partners. The passage below further illustrates the idea, as well as combining it with a couple of points Chas raised during the Gymchat.

Note that this is a completely fictional - but possible - scenario; I'd love to hear your thoughts.


John goes to his regular gym, inserting his card in the door in order to gain access. This also looks up his information regarding various health & fitness stats, and his training goals.

At the desk he is greeted by name, as well as a 'How is the ...' question (the person on the desk can see John's basic account information). He's offered a Virtual Training Partner, taking one of three forms :

1) someone who is roughly equivalent in both physical attributes and training history
2) an ideal form of himself (think Chas' point) - himself on a good day, with the weights/speed increased slightly
3) a specific person. perhaps an Olympic athlete from the 1930s, or the World's Strongest Man from 1981. Anyone at all.

( Of course, John can always opt for 'none of the above' and train by himself, or with another person physically in the room. )

John chooses option 3, and spends the next hour training with a virtual Bill Kazmaier at his absolute peak. John pushes himself hard as a result, and does extremely well in his next competition.


What do you think - is this a plausible/desirable scenario? If so, when could you see something like this being possible?

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