Bones of Iron - Collected Articles on the Life of the Strength Athlete

Looks great.

I missed this one originally, and had actually forgotten all about it - until someone mentioned it today. Matt's fantastic gathering of articles on Olympic Weightlifting - Bones of Iron - Collected Articles on the Life of the Strength Athlete.

Full review shortly; in the meantime, here's a quick comment from the Amazon page to give you an idea :

Matt Foreman is one of the truly "good guys" in Olympic Weightlifting, and his book reads just like he's sitting next to you on the platform sharing the tips that make the difference between a PR and abject failure (which he understands only too well is a thin, thin line...). Foreman's approach is pragmatic, easy to understand and conversational, making it enjoyable to read and applicable to your own training. His wit is only matched by his vast knowledge and experience and both come out in spades in this book.

Bones of Iron - Collected Articles on the Life of the Strength Athlete.

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