Video for Gymchat 237 - Old-Time Strongman Training (Logan Christopher)

Uncommon? Yes. Tremendous benefits? Yes.

Thanks again to everyone who watched and sent in questions for the discussion Gymchat 237 - Old-Time Strongman Training [with 'Physical Culture Renaissance Man' Logan Christopher, joined by Personal Trainer (and Strength Athlete) Josh Hewett] - much appreciated. If you haven't seen it yet (or simply want to go over a particular point again), here's the entire video.

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It was a great discussion. Josh and Logan discussed Logan's fitness background, training for strength vs hypertrophy, strengthening tendons, bones etc (as well as muscle), types of equipment used, modern vs old-time strongman competitions/performances/training, showmanship, importance of fun in training, competing against each other, measuring progress when using unusual equipment, working as an old-time strongman, partials, hand strength, Logan's home gym, using a barbell as an odd object, Isometric training; and a whole lot more. If you're ready to dive in to some Old-Time Strongman Training, make sure you watch this one.

Recommended Resources

There were a number of superb books, strength feats and old-time strongmen noted in the discussion. In particular :

As well as Logan's own site (superb resource):

Nice one.

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Gymchat 237 - Old-Time Strongman Training (Logan Christopher).Logan Christopher.Old-Time Strongman Training - Phonebook Tearing, Frying Pan Rolling, Kettlebell Juggling and a whole lot more. Love it. They're certainly uncommon areas: how do you train for them? What are the benefits of these approaches? What sorts of equipment is involved? This week we'll be discussing the entire field of Old-Time Strength in obsessive detail. Joining us is 'Physical Culture Renaissance Man' Logan Christopher, together with Personal Trainer (and Strength Athlete) Josh Hewett. Fantastic. If you've got questions/comments for Logan or Josh, just swing by the event page for this Gymchat. And if you'd like to point your friends/colleagues to the discussion, just use the 'share' button at the top of that page. The more the merrier.

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