Bruce Lee - The Evolution of a Martial Artist

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It's safe to say that there have been many, many books on Bruce Lee published over the years. Looking at his training philosophy, approach to nutrition and a whole lot more. Fascinating areas.

Joining the ranks is Bruce Lee - The Evolution of a Martial Artist by none other than JKD practitioner and historian Tommy Gong. As the book itself isn't released until June 1st (although you can pre-order it here), the Amazon page will give you a good idea of what's included :

Tracing Bruce Lee's path from wing chun student to jeet kune do founder, this biography chronicles Lee's physical journey--from Hong Kong to Seattle to Oakland to Los Angeles and back again to Hong Kong--as well as his voyage of self-discovery and actualization. The book draws on numerous conversations with Bruce Lee's childhood classmates, former students, and family friends, offering a unique insight into the life of the legendary martial artist.

Tommy Gong's Bruce Lee - The Evolution of a Martial Artist.

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