How They Got Started : Ray Hulm

How it all began.

Ray Hulm
Ray Hulm.
I love hearing everyones' fitness backgrounds, it's always fascinating to hear how someone got started. Here's how Ray Hulm began his own training journey.


Hi Scott, Thanks for the newsletter.

I thought that my training background might interest you.

I trained as a teenager for a few years but like so many of us got sidetracked into other things (work as well as sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll) although I never lost interest and always intended to make a comeback. I eventually started training again in my mid thirties getting very involved in martial arts as well as weight training. Being tall and slim I was always a hard gainer but never lost heart for the simple reason that I always enjoyed the training for its own sake. I will be 72 in September, still hard at it and don't intend ever stopping. I spent some very happy times in gyms over the years but preferred the old fashioned blood, sweat and liniment establishments to the modern chrome and potted plants version. These days I train at home. This piece I wrote for my blog a while back might amuse you.

I train for 1/2 hour everyday hitting the weights three times a week and a mixture of calisthenics, a bit of muscle control and a martial arts stretching routine on the other days.

That, combined with a good hike in the country once a week and tending our allotment keeps me reasonably fit. On the weight days I do Floor Dips, D/B Press 3x10, Curl 3X15, One arm Clean and Jerk 5 singles. I also have some 5lb club hammers that I like to whirl around for 25 reps.

To the overwhelming majority of athletes who don't have championship potential I would just say this, train for fun and reap the benefits.

Good luck,


Cheers Ray, greatly appreciated.

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Ray Hulm

Want to see what a long-term passion for training looks like? Say hello to Ray Hulm.

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