How They Got Started : Braiden Stevenson

It's always fascinating to hear how someone began their training. Over to Braiden.

The enigmatic Braiden Stevenson
The enigmatic Braiden Stevenson.
I love hearing everyones' fitness backgrounds, it's always fascinating to hear how someone got started. Here's how Braiden Stevenson began his own training journey.


Thank you for the warm welcome to Straight to the Bar.

My background is an interesting one, after highschool I started at a supplement distribution company. I have tried just about everything when it comes to protein and other supplements. After that I decided to get certified as a fitness trainer I was partial to CrossFit because of the functional movement. I believe more than anything that being actually strong is paramount.

After about three years of training in CrossFit I decided to get away from the hype of it and return to my roots of functional movements - not for time, and not as fast as possible all the time. I have been working out at a local gym mixed with own workout station : pull-up bar, atlas stones, kettlebells and salmon ladder out back. I have been finishing my degree in exercise science so my training has been a little slower lately and I am looking to get back to training like I used to.

Cheers Braiden, greatly appreciated.

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