Diamond-Cut Abs

Looks great.

Looking forward to this one.

We'll be discussing the topic of 'finding things to read' in this week's Gymchat, but suffice to say that the next one on my own list is Danny Kavadlo's Diamond-Cut Abs. Looks great.

To give you an idea of what it's all about (although the title probably says quite a lot), a piece of one of the reviews on the main page :

The section on nutrition is awesome, stressing the "practical over the theoretical" (p32). He doesn't worry about fat grams, macros, calorie counting or weight scales (unless it involves throwing them out) but rather wholesome and natural foods - nothing processed.

This is where his experience comes into play. While the information about proper eating wasn't necessarily new to me (it may be for others), it was the results he achieved eating in certain ways that convinced me to ditch the meat scales, spreadsheets and everything else I used to count macros and incorporate his approach in my diet.

Danny Kavadlo's Diamond-Cut Abs. Good stuff.

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