How They Got Started : John Keating

How the enigmatic John Keating began.

The enigmatic John Keating
The enigmatic John Keating.
I love hearing everyones' fitness backgrounds, it's always fascinating to hear how someone got started. Here's how John Keating began his own training journey.


Thank you for the warm welcome.

Up to age 18 I played sports, cycled and ran cross country (badly). At 18 I was 8 and a half stone (about 53kg/115lb). I started doing push-ups, chins and sit-ups for about six months; then I got Arnold's 'Bobybuilding for Teens' from the library and started doing weights in a gym in town.

I mixed Arnold with Stuart McRobert's 'Hardgainer' approach and started training twice a week - focusing on the powerlifts. That worked well for the next 6 years (I got to eleven stone of pure muscle).

Then I blew my ACL. I spent five years running, cycling, swimming and doing yoga; before I said "Lets lift again like we did last summer". It took a couple of years to kick back in and I discovered the fitness world was filled with wonderful gurus; notably Pavel, Dan John and Paul Wade. Now I deadlift to the max (140kg at 70kg bodyweight), do regular kettlebell and calisthenics work and have lifetime goal of deadlifting with 5 plates on either side. I'd also like 15 clean chins, 60 push ups in a minute, 200x24kg kb snatches in ten mins, 5 handstand wall push ups; and focus on health rather than muscle.

Cheers John, appreciated.

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