How They Got Started : Javad Ghassabi

How the enigmatic Javad Ghassabi got started, and back into it.

The enigmatic Javad Ghassabi
The enigmatic Javad Ghassabi.
I love hearing everyones' fitness backgrounds, it's always fascinating to hear how someone got started. Here's how Javad Ghassabi began (and returned to) his own training journey.


Hi, I have been training on and off for a few years but recently I have being following a programme of almost 9 months now, and early on I gained some strength and muscle growth that was unprecedented for me, but recently for a few weeks I am experiencing a kind of plateau and even seem to be regressing.

I have been reading a book about strength training and I came across this part about strengthening your tendons and ligaments by partial range of motion with heavier weights and now I'm trying this method and I hope that it will work so that I can get rid of this plateau thing. My primary focus is on getting stronger , and I am only focusing on 4 Exercises : deadlift, squat, military press, and decline bench press. Of course, I would like to see some muscle growth too but for now my main focus is low reps (less than 5) and getting stronger so that I can handle heavier weights and then try to engage in a bodybuilding rep range style. I would like to hear and receive information about strength training, tips and personal experiences.

Cheers Javad, greatly appreciated. Love hearing from people starting - or continuing - their training journey. It's a wonderful thing.

I've got a few thoughts on how to go about fine-tuning things, as do a great many members of the community here I suspect. Will share them below, as well as in the Google+ area.

NB : I'd also love to hear what everyone else would suggest for Javad. Leave a comment below, or over on Google+. Cheers.

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