How They Got Started : Keith Lorino

How the enigmatic Keith Lorino got started, and back into it.

The enigmatic Keith Lorino
The enigmatic Keith Lorino.
I love hearing everyones' fitness backgrounds, it's always fascinating to hear how someone got started. Here's how Keith Lorino began (and returned to) his own training journey.


I am starting back in strength training after long leave. I use to lift heavy objects and people in order to stay strong being a former volunteer rescue specialist/paramedic.

Now I am getting my wife into strength training and hopefully can help with her fitness goals. Right now though with lack of equipment, our motivation is down but we're trying to get going. Yesterday I was lifting my SUV tires after changing flat so I kind of enjoyed heaving the tires around even got my wife to learn to pick a tire off the ground. SUV tires are not light.


Cheers Keith, greatly appreciated. Love hearing from people starting - or continuing - their training journey. It's a wonderful thing.

I've got a few thoughts on how to go about fine-tuning things, as do a great many members of the community here I suspect. Will share them below, as well as in the Google+ area.

NB : I'd also love to hear what everyone else would suggest for Keith. Leave a comment below, or over on Google+. Cheers.

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Scott Andrew Bird

Scott Andrew Bird is a writer, photographer and a guy who just loves this stuff. He's been at home in front of a computer for more years than he cares to remember (OK, 35) and is now making amends for years of many mistakes noted in the De-constructing Computer Guy articles (part 2) on T-Nation.

Find out what he's up to via Twitter, Google+, Facebook; and of course his online home. Enjoy.

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