Diet & Nutritious Foods for a Healthy & Strong Back

Look after your spine.

Many of us are well aware of the knowledge that the spine is a vital part of our body. Like all the major organs, such as the heart, brain, lungs and kidney, any sudden major injury to the spine can be fatal. Likewise, any unhealthy habit, intentionally or unintentionally, may gradually deteriorate the spine health as well.

Our spine is made up of muscles, bones and other vital parts that make up our backside. We may experience back pains sometimes, and it may seem like a normal thing, but we must always remember that as strong as our backbone may be, it still needs all the love and care that we can give it.

How do we maintain a healthy and strong back?

Choose the Right Types of Food

Food plays an important role in our health. Our choice of diet determines the nutrition that we get on a daily basis and it affects our whole body, every single part. We know that calcium is extremely important for our bones and spine, but there are other nutrients that help with optimal bone nutrition through absorption of calcium from the food we eat.
Among the everyday food that we can add to our diet are:

What is the role of vitamins or nutrients?

Vitamins and nutrients are compounds that work together, and most of them rely on each other to maximize the benefits that they can give to the body.

Go Mediterranean

As far as diets go, the Mediterranean diet is probably the healthiest option for anyone. This type of diet is characterized by eating more vegetables and choosing greens and fish instead of meat. Know more about the right ways of a Mediterranean diet through the Nutrition Inspector.

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Water is Important

As well all know, water is essential for survival. Apparently, water is also essential for our back and spine. The intervertebral discs in our spine are consists of water in the majority. A well-hydrated body means well-hydrated discs which will help keep our spine in perfect shape.

Avoid Smoking & Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Studies have shown that nicotine has a significant negative effect on the growth of our bones, especially in the spine area. It can also cause damages to the joints and the muscles surrounding the spine and back area. At the same time, abuse of unhealthy substances such as alcohol can affect the health of the bones and may even slow down the growth. Healing time when there are injuries may take longer than regular, healthy individuals.


Exercise is an important and helpful factor for health. Not only does exercise help make our body stronger, it also assists with proper circulation of the blood, water, and oxygen in a balanced way that each part of our body needs. Through exercise, we are driving a balanced circulation to our spine, rendering our spine healthier and stronger.

What is the right amount of calcium?

The dose and amount of calcium intake may vary on age, height and body structure. In general, the recommended calcium intakes for adults are:

In conclusion, maintaining our spine and back health does not really take that much effort. As you have learned, the ways to a healthy back are also the ways to a healthier body, and you are hitting two birds with one stone. Of course, overall health is always a priority. So make sure you choose healthy, eat healthily and live healthy always.

Alice Mackenzie

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