CBD for Improved Athletic Performance

Marijuana and athletes? That will surely raise a lot of eyebrows. But what if it’s not all bad?

CBD Marijuana and athletes? That will surely raise a lot of eyebrows. Weed isn't something an athlete will ever consider, and for good reason. What if marijuana can actually help improve athletic performance? What if it's not all bad at all? We're talking about a special compound in marijuana. It's called cannabidiol or CBD.

So, what exactly is CBD?

Simply put, it's one of the many active compounds in marijuana. However, it does not produce the psychoactive effects that marijuana is most known for. Those are caused by tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), not CBD. In fact, CBD is one of the active compounds in marijuana linked to medical benefits.

This fascinating compound is extracted from marijuana strains that contain very low levels of THC. These strains usually contain less than 1% of THC with much higher concentrations of CBD. Because of their low THC content, these strains can actually be grown legally.

What are the benefits of CBD?

Many studies highlight marijuana's potential in promoting better health and boosting athletic performance. Of course, the majority of these benefits are linked to the unique properties and action of CBD in the body.

Now, we're not saying athletes should start smoking weed before training or competing. What we're trying to say is that athletes should consider taking CBD, not anything mixed with psychoactive THC - and those who'd choose to take the compound should be able to enjoy these perks:

Lowered cortisol

Cortisol is most known for its connection to stress. Having high amounts of cortisol in the blood translates to high-stress levels. That's not good if it happens over a prolonged period.

Well, taking CBD can help lower the amount of cortisol in the blood. This can help the tissues to relax and recover. For athletes, this is very important. After all, a faster recovery rate opens the opportunity to train harder, longer, and more frequently.

This cortisol-lowering effect is also great for reducing anxiety levels. It helps the brain regulate growth hormones and adrenal functions more efficiently.

Improved sleep quality

There are so many reasons why everyone should get enough sleep, even the toughest athletes. Sleep, for one, is the time when the body relaxes and recovers. It's like a chance for the body to get its daily reset.

Unfortunately, many find it difficult to get enough sleep. Aside from that, many factors affect the quality of sleep - or how refreshed you are upon waking up. The good news is that CBD oil can help with these.

This compound works in contradictory methods, depending on the dose. At very low doses, it acts as a stimulant. It activates receptors that caffeine does, making it harder to fall asleep.

At moderate and high doses, CBD can help promote better and more restful sleep. Therapeutic doses of CBD are typically moderate to high concentrations.

Controlled appetite

CBD oil has been shown to suppress appetite.

Did that confuse you? Marijuana is indeed known to cause "the munchies", meaning people end up binge eating after smoking some weed. This is one of THC's effects, not of CBD.

By suppressing appetite, CBD makes it easier to manage food intake - meaning keeping track of calories becomes a lot less complicated as well. This can help in weight management, regardless of whether you're aiming to shed pounds or simply to stay within a specific range.

Reduced inflammation

Inflammation is one of the body's main responses to injury and infection. It is part of several processes that help maintain tissue integrity and promote healing.

However, if the inflammatory processes cannot solve the reason behind an existing injury or irritation, inflammation becomes more of a problem than a solution. There are many other factors that can cause the inflammatory process to go awry.

For an athlete, inflammation can seriously hinder progress and reduce performance. Well, muscles get inflamed after an intense workout - and that's perfectly normal. The longer inflammation stays though, the longer it takes for the body to recover.

That means the athlete won't be able to use the muscles at optimum capacity. This also means that the athlete won't be able to train as frequently and as hard as intended.

CBD oil can help reduce inflammation. This process is not limited to reducing inflammation in the muscles from intense activities. It can also be applied to other kinds of inflammation, such as those that manifest in the joints.

Improved insulin sensitivity

Athletes need lots of energy - even during the recovery period. Insulin is the hormone responsible for making sure that the tissues, especially the muscles, have enough supply of energy. Yes, it's insulin that ensures that glucose gets absorbed into the blood, is brought to the tissues, and enters individual cells.

That's why low insulin sensitivity is a serious problem. This condition makes it harder for the body to produce energy for the muscles. It can also prevent the body from building lean muscles.

Poor insulin sensitivity promotes the storage of extra glucose into fat instead of getting it into the muscles and the liver. Glucose in the liver and muscles are stored in the form of glycogen, which helps in muscle development. And since the problem promotes fat storage, it makes it so much harder to achieve a lean, sculpted physique.

Fortunately, CBD oil can help improve insulin sensitivity and assists the body in its attempts to keep the hormone within the right levels.

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Does CBD have a downside?

Athletes really have a lot to gain from CBD. One downside, however, is the poor absorption. In other words, most of the compound gets flushed out instead of getting absorbed into the blood and delivered to the target tissues.

One good way of enhancing absorption though is by taking CBD oil along with black pepper and turmeric. While there are other options, these two are generally deemed most effective (aside from being widely available and rather inexpensive).

All in all, being generally safe and legal, CBD is arguably one of the best supplements for those who regularly engage in the most demanding physical activities.   

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