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Al Heinemann trains clients at Vancouver's Terminal City Training. Keep up with his training approach and ideas on his blog, and catch him on Twitter & Facebook.

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Owning an Underground Gym: Some Insights

The first 18 months of the Terminal City Barbell Club.

Well it has been 18 months since I opened the Terminal City Barbell Club. I could lie and say it has been easy and everything has rolled along smoothly but I thought instead I would share a few hard-earned insights.

The Bulgarianization Experiment

Time for a little experimentation.

Gsquat.JPGRecently a very strong and more importantly very promising and dedicated client of mine was going to take a holiday weekend in Las Vegas. She was not happy to be missing training. Nor was she actually interested in Vegas. She is someone who wants to train as frequently as possible and since I had watched some interviews with John Broz and read a bit on his site, I suggested she pay a visit to his gym. Little did I know that she would follow through with my suggestion. And little did I know how spending two days with Broz would change her and profoundly influence how I coach my athletes.

Nutrition Tips for Jocks, Gym Rats, and Health Freaks

Never trust a skinny cook
Never trust a skinny cook. Photo by sashafatcat.
Trainer Al Heinemann notes some simple nutrition guidelines that make it much easier to stay on track - no matter what your goals are.

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