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Bill Long is the creator of Body by Long blog, a look at Tactical Training and many forms of grip work. Perfect.

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And, of course, in Gymchat 145 - Running. Great conversation.

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I give a quick review of this AWESOME DVD by 'Napalm' Jedd Johnson. If you're looking to take your gripper training to the next level or you're just beginning, this is the one and only DVD out there you need to CRUSH anything!

Mizuno Wave Enigma Running Shoes Review

Feel great.

I've got a great new pair of shoes for you guys to try out if your in to running. I got a pair of Mizuno's brand new line of shoes the Wave Enigma.

Twitterchat 15 : Pinch Grip Training

Plate pinches, hub lifts, anvil work and so on.

The twitterchat will be an open forum, moderated by Straight to the Bar's Scott Bird (@scottbird) and Body by Long's Bill Long (@bill_long1); both of whom have been training grip for nearly as long as they can remember.

Today's Twitterchat on Pinch Grip Training

Fascinating discussion.

Blob50 and York Legacy Blobs
Blob50 and York Legacy Blobs.
Thanks to everyone who joined in today's twitterchat with Body by Long's Bill Long (@bill_long1). It really was a fascinating discussion on the many types of pinch training.

Road to Recovery : Contrast Baths


Bill looks at the value of a great recovery tool - the Contrast Bath.

How to Prevent Shin Splints


If you've ever had shin splints you'll definitely want to make sure it never happens again. Bill explains how.

Recovery for the Tactical Athlete

Progressing? Learn the right way to recover from your workouts.

One of the most important aspects of training and building athletes is the recovery phase. Bill breaks it down.

Training with Block Weights

Ready for a challenge?

Freshly made block weight
Notice how close you must cut from the handle to the head of the bell.
Bill takes a great look at the making of and training with block weights. Perfect.

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